Barbeque and swimming....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bandung 22 December...
happy Mother's day...

i woke up earlier in the morning because my little cousin had wake me up.. i have two little cute cousins.. then ask me to do barbequeing as we promised. I asked them to wake my hubby up.. yeeepp they did it, but you knew as usual my hubby sleep peacely heeehhee..
at nine o'clock, my hubby Adam, wake up then played with our cousins. the prepare to have a barbeque in our back yard.. yeapp ready with everything.. he prepared so well as he loves to do this things.. making a fire, blowing them and ready to put the sate and the steak. i made the steak flavour before he put on the fire...
close to the mid day... suddenly come the idea why we dont this at Ciwidey by doing swimmig. Adam agree and we prepared them. pack them up and ready to go to Ciwidey.. such a crazy days...
We planned to go to Ciwalini, it's a hotspring swimming pool located in the southern of Bandung close sto the Ciwidey area.maybe aboutr 25 kms from our place. along the way, we felt like in the forest, raining never stop falling the water. We passed many tourism places such as the Kawah Putih, camping ground Ranca Upas, hotspring waterpool Cimanggu then Ciwalini. also we can see the Strawberry farm along the way...
we paid about Rp 3500/ person and we got a pack of tea.. wow.... but something happen, since my huby sit in the back thye he got a puke...hahha.. oh how poor your are honey.. all the saung are already booked by others because raining m but we still a bigger place. we rent a bambo mat, Rp 5000/mat.. then as usual my hubby prepare for the barbeque .. AGAIn..... That's why i love you so much, a hard worker.. My Child you should be proud to your great daddy... Muahh..
My Father and my cousins straight to the swimming pool also my brother. Me, my mom and My aunt just sit in the mat.wait for them and prepare the food. We order Bandrek, a tradiitional drink made from Ginger, brown sugar.. so fresh... and never forget to take a lot of pictures.. as usual...
then adam went for swimming with my cousins and father did the barbeque...after they tired to swim, we eat and the time almost six o'clock and no more guests...
huah... finally our picnic was over.. we bought many strawberrys for juice.. so sweet...
and i miss the moments having picnic together with them..
hope one day can go there again with you, my baby..
~aimee at the office~

Trippy to Bandung

Bandung 21 December 2007....
Before going to Bandung, we decided to have a monthly check up to the doctor.. I want to try another gynecologist.. not really satisfied me, but bit better.. i can see my baby grown up, and my hubby so happy to see his child for the first time...
we could see his/her body grow up.. the brain, muscle, backbone also the head.. hehe...oh God every day he/she kick me up and give me a little hug that so suprising me minute to minute...
till this time i don't know yet my baby's gender..
after praying Jumat, we decided go to Bandung.. Raining again everywhere, even i sleep all the journey.. then we arrived in Bandung in the afternoon... regret not to have a barbeque nite since the raining never stop..
just sleep and take a rest..

My Baby's Journey

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Fourteen

posted on 11/04/2007

Dear Anakku...
Dah dari kemaren, pinggang bunda sakit banget. ngilu ngilu gitu.. belon lagih punggungnya bunda.. seperti biasa kaya orang masuk angin. sakit juga... mungkin karena kamu tambah besar ya anakku... barusan bunda ketemu dokter di kantor n bilangin kalo badan Bunda sakit n ngilu-ngilu itu normal gak. trus dokter itu bilang kalo itu wajar aja.apalagi ini kehamilan pertama Bunda..

senangnya bunda tahu kamu tambah besar anakku.. kata dokter kemungkinan panjangmu sekitar 9cm sekarang.. duh anak Bunda udah tambah tinggi ya.. Sayang Ayah belum pernah liat Nanda di layar USG... biarpun waktu itu baru sebagian tubuh Nanda yang terbentuk. Tapi Bunda dah seneng banget. apalagi waktu itu ditemani sama Nene Bandung.. wah senangnya liat cucu pertamanya.. Nanda juga pasti pengen ketemu ayah, ake-Nene' Bandung, enin-engki jakarta khan.. trus ada Mang elva yang gokil n baek selalu nemenin bunda disaat Ayah gak bisa nemenin Bunda.. trus Ada Mang Hendra.. ada auntie riri yang selalu ngancem Bunda gak boleh ke Pondok kalo nanda gak cepet besar.. hehehe dasar emangnya bisa langsung gede..

Mudah2an Nanda didalam perut Bunda selalu sehat yah.Terus ingetin Bunda biar selalu rajin Sholat ma Ngaji yak.. biar nanti Nanda jadi anak yang sehat....
ya udah.. sekarang Bunda kerja lagi yah... sembari berdoa semoga Ayah bisa cepat berkumpul dengan kita di Jakarta. Biar Ayah bisa ngeliat Nanda tumbuh jadi bayi yang sehat..

Love you anakku....
Ayah dan Bunda
Jakarta November 14, 2007
taken from : Buahhatiayahbunda

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Idul Adha at Home

December 20, 2007
My hubby arrived almost midnite.. no bus since the traffic jam not allowed them to come quickly and sharply. then i couldn't pick him up.. so just wait at home and fallen asleep so not realize he has arrived... he went home to celebrate Idul Adha...
In the morning after praying Subuh.. i took a sleep again.. hehe... then at six o'clock took a bath and ready for going to mosque. this time we prayed at mosque close to our home, not in bandung not in bekasi. so then no Lontong or opor ayam.
After praying, we just eat white rice, red bean soup and salty fish.. my hubby then phoned his family to come... Oh Gosh.. we had no something to eat since previous days i got my headache as usual...and his family agree to come for take a lunch... ooowww..... in a rush we drive away to the closest supermarket for buying something.the closest one not open.. oh God.. but then we found it. i decided to cook oxtail soup, because it is easy..heheheh..we shopped them quickly..
then i and my maid cook the oxtail, also the rice. my hubby made some nutrijell. we realixe do't have any dessert , but thanks God we didn't forget to buy orange and manggis..
at 11'o'clock they come, about 8 people....oooowww..... but it's ok.. i prepare a lot of oxtail soup and rice for them...but it makes me tired to serve them, since to prepare everything while i want to take a rest.
the rain is going down fastly, the are fall asleep at home.. and went home at 5 o'clock so i and my hubby decided not to go to bandung in the afternoon.. too tired to go..

Sedang Apa Annakku..

Selamat siang anakku..

posted on 11/16/2007

Assalamu'alaikum...Selamat siang Anakku...Good Morning My Baby...Bonjour Mon Cher...
Sedang apa anakku ...??

sudah bertambah besarkah engkau...?
sudah bertambah tinggi pula khan....
semoga disana kamu bisa tumbuh menjadi anak yang sehat dan soleh atau solehah..
Itu doa yang selalu dipanjatkan oleh ayah dan bunda setiap saat...

Anakku.. tumbuhlah engkau menjadi bunga bagi setiap orang..
Anakku.. semoga engkau sabar seperti istri nabi Ayub
Anakku.. semoga engkau memiliki kebesaran hati seperti Khadijah
Anakku.... semoga engkau cerdas dan ceria seperti Aisha..
Annaku.. semoga kau berhati mulia seperti Nabi Muhammad SAW..

teruntuk anakku yang semakin besar..

Tu me manque

Jakarta November 16 2007

Taken from : Buahhatiaayahbunda

Baby oh Baby

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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Your 15th Week

Week 15

posted on 11/22/2007

Our 15th Week ..
My baby.. you are getting on your 15th weeks..On Tuesday, Bunda with your Om went to the hospital visit the doctor.. and the most is I want to see you how's you're look like... Bunda were so exiciting to wait to see you.. but please appologize your Ayah, he couldn't attent the session even he want to. so pray for him My Baby, so your Ayah will gather with us as soon as possible...

Then I saw you from the screen... Now your head is 27 mm, getting bigger.. also i can see your backbone,your hand, your foot and your body ofcourse.. oh yeah i can see two dots said as your beautiful eyes... hmmm can't wait to see you in this world My Baby ..

Oh ya.. last night your E'ne and abah were coming.. they are worried about your Bunda since bunda's maid were going home to see her mom then Bunda get headache... oh Hunny couldn't imagina how happy they are too see you their beloved Cucu..

hope you are always getting your greatest healthy..

Love you more and more..
Ayah n Bunda

ps :
Ayah : Daddy (indonesian)
Bunda: Mommy (indonesian)
Om : Uncle (indonesian)
E'ne : Grandma (sundanesse)
Abah : Grandpa (sundanesse)
taken from : buahhatiayahbunda

Pregy Lady

First Week of Ramadhan 1427 H

It has been almost a week going thru the Ramadhan…still the same as previous last year, just spent it with my maid at home. Since my hubby is working and living far away from me.. but I had spent almost 2 weeks before at my hubby’s place.. wonderful.. :-)

Then on Saturday 22 September, I just read a good article from SINDO about unrealized pregnancy.. It will be danger for mommy and her future baby, if don’t have enough food supplement such as folat acid and zinc, also vitamin. Cause sometime mommy doesn’t realize if she is getting pregnant until get thru the first trimester…Huah.hh...

Then I realize i hadn't got my period, it was late for almost 2 weeks..but it commons for me since don't have regular period. once i got a period for almost 75 days. so i never suspect that i will pregnant.also i have another reason one i wont be pregnant, because i met with my hubby not in fertil days... haha... funny right... i try to put the fertil date to meet my hubby since we have long distances marriage...but the article make me curious., how if I am...then i plan to buy a test pack a night after Tarawih pray..

I asked to the shop keeper to give me the cheapest test pack, cos i am boring to buy it again with no result...she gave me Rp 3000 tes pack, hah too cheap coz i am afraid of the accuracy, so i am asking the 10000 Rp.. hahah
Again... I forgot to test my first urine in the morning even i eat for sahur... ok.. then i take a sample before i praying Subuh. i am not so sure the accuracy....

1....2....3... drop i put on it.... then suddenly i saw 2 purple line... WATSSSSSSSSss... mean positive.. mean PREGNANT... i don't believe it... then i pray and sleep. when woke up in the morning i check again.. still the same 2 line ...OH MY GOD... it's not a dream... really I'm pregnant, said me on that time.. i called up my hubby about this, he just said... ALHAMDULLILAH...but i'm still not believe....

On monday September 24, I come to my ginecologist, and she check with USG... she told me... Look you already have a bag looks like on it mean yo're pregnant... 4 weeks she guess...
well.... finally... im pregnant.amazing for me there is another life on my body... may Alloh give me strength to face the day with my baby on it
So I am a pregy lady now..
October 2007

Pre Wedding Moments

Monday, December 3, 2007

You will never realize that he/she is your soulmate until the moments come

You never realize he/she is there

You never expecting this things happen

but now it's real....... not only your dream....

become your soulmate is a gift from God...

Thanks for it... and thanks for being my part..

Love you.. now and forever


aimee 03122007

Look at me

it's our picture.. just show how happy we are get thru in this life.. hope it will never end....

Love you baby...


Aimee 03122007