Naisha is 8 months

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jakarta 8 January 2009


today Naisha is 8 months old.. my little baby is growing become a toddler..
Really... oh no.. time goes by..
unbelieveable...since i delivered her..
She had a lot of progress in her life...
She is 9.6 kgs and 71 cm... looks she is a fat baby..
don't think so.. now she is getting slim and tall like her Ayah (daddy)..

Her smile is the most beautiful smile in the world...
Her mouth will smile in the big "O"..with no teeth... up curz
Her hug is the warmest for me

everything on her always makes me happy and miss her while away from her
And i am so happy when she only want "ME" even her daddy around her.. haha..

her Progress now :

a. she can clapping her hands everytime we sing Pok Ame ame..
b. she can say bye with her hand
c. she can rolling and walk with his knee
d. she tried to stand up
e. she can P**f in the toliet... yipeee.... toilet training is work..
f. she never P*P at night unless it's very cold
g. she alwasy take everything on her side...

I love my little girl.
Tu me manque